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Bear dinner restaurant - bear game
Bear dinner restaurant
n this game, you will be role playing as a bear who's working at the restaurant. Serve your customers to earn money.
Sami's spa shop - business game
Sami's spa shop
Handle all the customers and give them some relaxing moments in your newest opened shop.
Molly goround - business game
Molly goround
Molly won a luxurious house in the lottery. She's really busy with her business and she needs to manage her business as well.
Cake Lover: The Way You Love It! - business game
Cake Lover: The Way You Love It!
Prepare and sell cakes, learn new recipes and buy upgrades with the money you are making.
Bed and breakfast - business game
Bed and breakfast
Can you run a bed and breakfast? See how your time management skills hold up in this fun fast-paced game!
Pirates revenge - casino game
Pirates revenge
is a casino game whose goal is to succeed in aligning between 2 and 3 identical symbols to win coins, raise money and keep playing.
Sign of the Zodiac - casino game
Sign of the Zodiac
Play this classic slot game with signs of the zodiac!
Twitter slots of - casino game
Twitter slots of
A classic slot game with fruits and twitter logos where you bet money to win ... more money!
Spin to win - casino game
Spin to win
A simple slot game when you can easily win a lot of money.
Colo$$eum - casino game
Get close to 21, but don't pass it or you lose.