Games 0-24



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Yummy 2048 - matching game
Yummy 2048
It is a variation of the 2048 game with deluxe design and 2 power-ups. Slide and combine the tiles with Food Items to explore new ones. Keep combining to get newer items.
Cat around the world - animal game
Cat around the world
Make a pretty healthful holiday around the world together with bushy cat! Meow! Enjoy The Fun!
Bear dinner restaurant - bear game
Bear dinner restaurant
n this game, you will be role playing as a bear who's working at the restaurant. Serve your customers to earn money.
Little elephant day care - baby game
Little elephant day care
Cute little baby elephant needs your care in this animal game and you have to offer him all your attention.
Papa's sushiria - business game
Papa's sushiria
Your day takes a turn for the worse when you break Papa Louie's lucky cat statue. Is this to blame for the restaurant's underwhelming opening day?
The box office - business game
The box office
Turn your box office into a huge enterprise. Upgrade, sell to customers and make lotsa money.
Bed and breakfast - business game
Bed and breakfast
Can you run a bed and breakfast? See how your time management skills hold up in this fun fast-paced game!
Festive holiday cake - cake game
Festive holiday cake
Do you love making a cake? You can do whatever your design is. Make a cake and choose your preferred design and let's celebrate the holiday.
Easter chocolate make up - cake game
Easter chocolate make up
There will be an Easter egg making competition and you need to make and decorate a set of Easter eggs.
Eat me - cake game
Eat me
Decorate an Alice in Wonderland inspired cake.

White chocolate berry mousse - cake game
White chocolate berry mousse
For all white chocolate lovers; an original and easy to make recipe for white chocolate berry mousse.
Eggless chocolate cake recipe - cake recipe
Eggless chocolate cake recipe
Learn how to bake up a yummy chocolate cake without eggs!
Little dessert cakes - cake game
Little dessert cakes
You must make cakes exactly as in the picture shown on the right.
Chocolate maker factory - cake game
Chocolate maker factory
Decorate your own chocolate dessert.
Bake off - card game
Bake off
Can you beat the computer in points in this card game based on cooking?
Cafeland connect - connect game
Cafeland connect
Have you met our chef Eva? She is as smart as she is skilled in the kitchen.
Bakery connection - connect game
Bakery connection
Connect 2 similar icon on the board.
Sweet doughnuts - cooking game
Sweet doughnuts
Do you love donuts? Try this restaurant game and prepare donuts for customers.
Turkey breast - cooking game
Turkey breast
Let's join the chef in the kitchen to help him in this cooking game and to learn how to cook a delicious Turkey Breast Recipe.
Garlic sausages and white backed beans - cooking game
Garlic sausages and white backed beans
You've never had to cook outdoors in nature? This delicious dish is very easy to prepare, relying on computer tips.
Pumpkin muffins - cooking games
Pumpkin muffins
Pumpkin muffin recipe are made with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, brown sugar and pumpkin puree.
Grilled tuna steaks with mango, habanero, mojo - cooking game
Grilled tuna steaks with mango, habanero, mojo
This is a delicious dish, you have to try it!
Hummus - cooking game
Let's cook some food and let's just follow the step by step instructions to make it perfect.
Amaretto butter cookies - cooking game
Amaretto butter cookies
You could try out some delicious amaretto butter cookies that could please all tastes!
Pizza rush - delivery game
Pizza rush
As a delivery boy, you must deliver all the pizza. Collect the coins and extra pizza.
Choco romance today - candy game
Choco romance today
Prepare a delicious surprise for your beloved one! Improvise and use your fantasy while making chocolate cookies.
Candy cane designer - candy game
Candy cane designer
Design this yummy candy cane with these sweet toppings.
S timing competition - aiming game
S timing competition
Collect for as many sugar as you can. Avoid other foods!