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Chudabi beauties - casino game
Chudadi beauties
A different type of card game where you try to one up the previous player with your cards you have.
Big bomb blackjack - casino game
Big bomb blackjack
With the casino open, it’s your chance to test your skill against the dealer in Big Bomb Blackjack.
Grand master Woo's back-Alley blackjack - casino game
Grand master Woo's back-Alley blackjack
Try to win the Chinese pimp at a game of Blackjack to take his belongings.
Colo$$eum - casino game
Get close to 21, but don't pass it or you lose.
Headspin card quest - card game
Headspin card quest
The King and Queen have been locked in the castle by the evil Prince! A fiendish puzzler where you must beat all your opponents at cards to reach the castle and save them!
Mystic cards - card game
Mystic cards
Collect cards to destroy the enemy.. Duel yourself to victory.
Bake off - card game
Bake off
Can you beat the computer in points in this card game based on cooking?
Endless barkhans solitaire - card game
Endless barkhans solitaire
The caravan with goods moves slowly across the terrible desert from one oasis to another. The travel is dangerous and difficult and you should play 5 solitaire games in each halt.
TriPeaks+ - card game
Match a card that is either one larger or one smaller than the card in hand.
Hit 21 Deluxe: Gary Cooper - card game
Hit 21 Deluxe: Gary Cooper
Hit a 21 score in each group of cards. If you exceed a score it would deduct your score base on the number exceeded.

Highland solitaire - card game
Highland solitaire
A fun golf solitaire game. Can you clear all the cards?
Air trip solitaire - card game
Air trip solitaire
The game goal is to build the eight foundations up in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King with cards of identical suit.
Golden spider solitaire on-line - card game
Golden spider solitaire on-line
Dive into this version of the classic solitaire game. Would you like to play with just one suit?
Elite solitaire - card game
Elite solitaire
Play a solitaire game and finish the game as fast as you can.
Find the lady - card game
Find the lady
Classic three card game. Follow the Queen.
Christmas match cards - card game
Christmas match cards
So it happens that the approaching celebration does not coincide with our mood, and it's unfortunate.
SpongeBob Squarepants solitaire - solitaire game
SpongeBob Squarepants solitaire
Your task is to group all the cards in sequence and in suit down from King to Ace. On the other hand, you have to group the cards in different suits.
Wasp solitaire - solitaire game
Wasp solitaire
A fun solitaire game.
Hexery - card game
Use cards wisely as you attack the AI player in this card battle. Can you defeat the AI?
Cardigo - card game
This new speed-matching game is designed to put your talents to the test as you match cards on an amazing moving game board.
Spiderette solitaire - card game
Spiderette solitaire
The goal is to build 4 sequences from King to Ace and then move them to the foundation.
Australian patience - card game
Australian patience
Have fun in this challenging variant of Klondike Solitaire!
Nexo - card game
Nexo is an interesting and original solitaire card game. Place all cards on the deck while following the rules of this unique game.
Astral solitaire - card game
Astral solitaire
is a golf like solitaire game. With a retro/sci-fi style, your goal is lead your spaceship to the flag. You'll win when you had cleared almost all cards on the tableau.
Solitaire oberon - card game
Solitaire oberon
The game of Solitaire is a classic! Try to beat your time by clearing the deck as fast as you can.
Solitary aces - card game
Solitary aces
A patience game. More luck than skill is required so do not expect to win every time, especially not on difficulty 4 (impossible).
Freecell duplex - card game
Freecell duplex
This version of the popular card game is twice as nice and double the fun.
All peaks solitaire - card game
All peaks solitaire
Are you a fan of Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire or Golf Solitaire games, but looking for something new and exciting?