Games 0-24



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The candy rush - delivery game
The candy rush
Try to be a good candy transporter. Take care to keep the most quantity of candy in your truck, through the potholed road.
Candyland decoration - candy game
Candyland decoration
Decorate your dream candyland using these delicious candies and chocolates.
Candy cracker - candy game
Candy cracker
Exploding candy fun! Shoot down all the candys!
Halloween candy decoration - candy game
Halloween candy decoration
Decorate your candy to be unique for the Halloween evening.
Candy copter - candy game
Candy copter
Flying a copter in Candy Land is fun and exciting. Collect these yummy candies and avoid other entities that are coming your way.
Masha and the Bear: Candy Crush - candy game
Masha and the Bear: Candy Crush
is an online game that you can play for free. Masha and the Bear is a hit cartoon from Russia, if you like it, time to try a Masha version of candy crush.
Pudding bear - candy game
Pudding bear
Funny platform game with a hungry pudding bear. Find the key for the fridge to feed the bear and shoot the angry jellies.
Candy wings - candy game
Candy wings
Fly and collect all the candies. Evade those other birds which can cause of negating your points.
Pou like candy - candy game
Pou like candy
Drop the piece of candy in Plinko-like fashion. Get the candy to drop into Pou's mouth.
Pumpkin dash - candy game
Pumpkin dash
Collect all the candies and avoid touching the other objects. You can collect the witch's hat for a random power ups.

Choco romance today - candy game
Choco romance today
Prepare a delicious surprise for your beloved one! Improvise and use your fantasy while making chocolate cookies.
Having a ball - candy game
Having a ball
Insanely fun! Wickedly addictive! Bounce your way through a world of deviously designed levels collecting candy and trophies.
Pop Christmas candy - candy game
Pop Christmas candy
Pop these Christmas candies and don't let it reach the ground.
The candy skull lords: The candy crisis! - candy game
The candy skull lords: The candy crisis!
Shoot all the candies and evade their attacks.
Go, candy, go! - candy game
Go, candy, go!
Each level of the game you need to collect at least one star to the next level. But the more stars - the better.
Candy cane designer - candy game
Candy cane designer
Design this yummy candy cane with these sweet toppings.
Candy land transport - delivery game
Candy land transport
Race to the finish line with a truck full of candy. Make sure you get there with the required number of candies if you want to proceed.